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Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley refuses to speak to media in final interviews of season

This is just weird.

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If you were looking for answers, apparently you’re going to be disappointed.

The Los Angeles Rams have let media know today as they conduct their final “exit” interviews that RB Todd Gurley will not be available.

Following appearances in the NFL Championship and Super Bowl LIII in which he was conspicuously underused that followed Gurley’s absence in the final two weeks of the regular season in which he was held out due to a knee injury, Gurley now heads into the offseason under the cloud of one of the biggest mysteries in NFL history.

With little justification, already many are filling in the gaps with their own explanations.

I’m of the belief that Gurley’s knee still isn’t 100%. It would certainly make sense given how things tailed off at the end of the season and postseason as well.

But if you’re of the opinion that his knee was in regular full health, answers as to why he was so limited get much more murky. And troublesome.

Over at the Ringer, Danny Heifetz is asking if the Rams should be concerned about Gurley’s impact on the salary cap after signing an extension in July that keeps him a Ram through the 2023 season. B/R’s Brad Gagnon went even further suggesting the Rams should looking at trading Gurley.

That’s the kind of thing that people do to fill an information gap when its presented.

Over the course of his five years as head coach (and especially the final three), the media did a poor job getting Jeff Fisher to explain what he was trying to do as head coach to remedy the team’s failures or to explain why they weren’t working.

Now, we have an information gap as to why Todd Gurley, the Offensive Player of the Year a season ago in which he was nearly MVP and the running back who was on pace to challenge the single season rushing touchdown record, was a no-show in the NFC Championship and locked into a jobshare in the Super Bowl with a running back who was unemployed as recently as Week 15.

Choose your own adventure.