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Los Angeles Rams strength and conditioning coach to miss Super Bowl

Los Angeles Rams strength and conditioning coach Ted Rath did not make the trip to Atlanta for Super Bowl 53 due to a recent medical procedure.

While Rath’s role as head coach Sean McVay’s ‘get back’ coach recently went viral, that is his secondary role with the team. His official title is Director of Strength Training and Performance and he has done a phenomenal job in recent years.

I can’t think of many soft tissue injuries from the Rams since Rath came on board, and that is a testament to how good this man is at his job. DT Aaron Donald doesn’t look like this without Rath’s training regimen (that’s not to say he still wouldn’t be a beast).

As for who will help McVay avoid collisions with game officials today, that responsibility will fall upon assistant strength and conditioning coach Dustin Woods -- at least partly.

”Dustin will be my backup get-back guy, so he’ll be pulling me back,” McVay said of Woods, who filled in for Rath in New Orleans two weeks ago. “And hopefully, I have a little bit more self-control.”

Anytime someone can’t make a trip to the Super Bowl, you feel for them.

Get well soon Ted.