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Turf Show Radio S10E52: 2019 offseason, free agency, draft talk

With the combine looming in front of free agency, it’s all about the hypotheticals right now for the Los Angeles Rams. 3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk comb through the landscape as the Rams head toward the beginning of the 2019 offseason.

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0:27 -

2:00 - Rob-o reveals that Nancy Allen was one of his earliest crushes. Rob-o? Courtney Thorne-Smith. And for 3k? Cheers-era Kirstie Alley.

7:56 - The Great Magnetizin’ of ‘24.

9:00 - Todd Gurley. Todd Gurley’s knee. C.J. Anderson. “He was hurt more than we thought.” “A wear and tear issue.”

19:42 - Is the reason Los Angeles Rams Head Trainer Reggie Scott has been so successful helping the Rams prevent injury is his “alternative” treatments?

27:00 - Will the Rams use the franchise tag on anyone? Could it be used on Dante Fowler Jr.?

30:26 - “You just need one.”

32:53 - The biggest challenge for the Rams in free agency this year is deciding which of their role players to bring back.

43:22 - Article to come on this, but there’s a hole in the roster timeline because of all the trades in recent years that’s filled with the ghosts of Rams draft picks not taken

46:56 - Most interesting mock draft so far as it concerns the Rams’ first-round pick? Monday’s mock from Mocking the Draft in which the Rams take Mississippi St. Bulldogs DT Jeffery Simmons.

53:10 - Whoopsie!

55:50 - I shoplifted at Target. It was Joey’s fault.