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Random Ramsdom 2/21: Todd Gurley’s knee is famous now

C.J. Anderson’s headline grabbing interview has left an impact and Rams fans are reacting!

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams’ Inglewood stadium has come a long way | Rams Wire

Guys, the framing of the new home of the Los Angeles Rams is really coming along nicely.

Offseason outlook: what happens if Whitworth retires? |

It’s comforting that the official website of the Los Angeles Rams doesn’t have their head buried in the sand. Everyone invested in the success of the Rams knows that LT Andrew Whitworth is a big piece of the puzzle.

Rams set at skill positions, but offensive line faces uncertainty | ESPN

We have been banging this drum over at TST for weeks, so this is a welcome sight to see others drift over to the light.

2019 free agency preview | Rams Wire

QB Sean Mannion may not be our QB2 next year. What say you to that?

C.J. Anderson reveals that Gurley was ‘more hurt’ than Rams thought |

Well, this story has legs. It may just as well become the narrative of the offseason, just like how Aaron Donald’s contract sucked up a lot of the air last year.

We now know why Gurley wasn’t around in the Super Bowl | New York Post

When the RB Todd Gurley knee story makes the New York Post, you know you’ve hit the big time. Congrats, Todd Gurley’s knee, you’re famous now.

C.J. Anderson’s interview regarding Gurley makes things worse for fans | Ramblin’ Fan

Fallout from the notorious C.J. Anderson interview from yesterday. One has to wonder if C.J. Anderson knows that he’s not returning to the Rams, so he’s sharing his take.