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Revisiting community priorities for the 2019 Offseason

I asked, and you answered. Let’s dive right in.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Last week, I asked the TST community to weigh in on the major issues facing the Los Angeles Rams in the coming months. You responded en masse with largely conclusive results.

I’ll say that I’m not shocked by the top and bottom choice, but I was a bit shocked at the order of 2-4. You could easily argue for any of the three to be ranked 2, and it likely comes down to personal philosophy.

Want to prioritize the rush defense? Just cite the Rams league worst 5.1 yards per carry allowed.

Think that Aaron Donald needs help rushing? You certainly wouldn’t be wrong.

How about the Rams history retaining DBs? With 60% of their starting DBs up for free agency in the next 14 months, that’s a concern as well.

Point is, 2-4 are largely interchangeable but they all need to be addressed in some way, shape, or form this offseason. Based on the three polls, the community prioritized the Rams need in the following order:

  1. Offensive Line
  2. Run Defense
  3. Pass Rush
  4. Defensive Backs
  5. Extending QB Jared Goff

With those results in hand, we can look into each issue in depth in the coming days as well as come up with some creative solutions together.

Get your armchair GM hats on, TST - it’s time to go to work.