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Random Ramsdom 2/12: There’s only one Sean McVay

The next Sean McVay is the current Sean McVay and More on this edition of the Random Ramsdom.

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Los Angeles Rams Introduce Sean McVay - News Conference Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Rams assistant says teams can't just 'hire the next Sean McVay' | Rams Wire

Sean McVay is one of a kind, Eyes off every other team in the NFL!

2018 Football Outsiders Awards | Football Outsiders

Defensive MVP went to Aaron Donald. No surprises there. Todd Gurley was in 6th for Offensive MVP. Also, 1% of respondents think the Rams will miss the postseason next year. Um... No.

Sam Shields: I beat all odds, want to keep going for more | Pro Football Talk

This is pretty awesome, and I wouldn't mind having him back next season, but like he said, business is business and there may be pieces that are more important.

3 reasons Rams bringing C.J. Anderson back for 2019 should be a top priority | Ramblin' Fan

If the Rams don't bring him back next season, someone is asleep at the wheel in that building.

Report: Rams hiring Wade Phillips' son Wes as TEs coach | Rams Wire

I mean, if you can't leverage your dad being a multi-Super Bowl appearing DC into some kind of coaching gig, then WYD?

Players we'd like to see more of in 2019 | PFF

Ah, Gerald Everett, we hardly know ye. And any other tight end on the Rams roster for that matter.

Goodell to La. Governor: Rules prevent me from overturning game | Pro Football Talk

I can't believe we're still talking about this.

The Perfect Offseason Blueprint for Every NFL Team | Bleacher Report

These "Shop Gurley" takes are really premature.