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Random Ramsdom 2/1: The final countdown

Drop your linen and stop your grinnin’ — it’s business time

Owner Georgia Frontiere Of The St Louis Rams Lifts The Vince Lombardi Trophy After Supe... Photo By Al Bello/Getty Images

Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video) | YouTube

This will be my last Random Ramsdom of the 2018/2019 Los Angeles Rams season. I want to thank everyone for reading, commenting, talking shit, and supporting the work we do here. For most of us, it’s a labor of love, and it’s the readers and extended TST family who make it worthwhile. I couldn’t have picked a better season to come on board. Now, let’s go get that chip!

Super Bowl LIII: Why the Los Angeles Rams will win | Double G Sports

If you’re like me, you will read any article that details why we will win the Super Bowl (however this will not be one of the best).

Here’s what ESPN experts believe will happen in the Super Bowl |

Personally, I prefer the underdog role, as we all know what happened when we were 14-point favorites. May they all pick the cheaters. It’ll be that much sweeter on Sunday night.

Herschel Walker talks legacy of Georgia RBs at Super Bowl LIII | 247 Sports

Gurley and Sony playing in Atlanta — Georgia Bulldog fans have something to be proud of.

Heaven Can Wait: Back in LA, Rams go for a Hollywood sequel | Seattle Times

Goff as Warren Beatty? Let’s hope that if his body is just a vessel, he’s not channeling the ghost of (not dead) Dieter Brock. While the analogy is still apt, the parallels between Kurt Warner and the movie were a little more substantive.

Ndamukong Suh and cheapshot victim now unlikely Rams allies | NY Post

Winning cures all, doesn’t it? While C John Sullivan hasn’t forgotten the cheap shot Ndamukong Suh laid on him when he was a Viking, he has forgiven.

Patriots can blame owner if Sean McVay leads Rams to victory | NY Post

Robert Kraft suggested to Stan Kroenke that he fire Jeff Fisher. Hence, two years later, the Rams are in the Super Bowl. Is that how this works?

St. Louis blues: Fans watch their old team reach Super Bowl | Associated Press

I stayed a fan for 21 years while the Rams were in St. Louis. It’s good to see that there’s still good fans in Missouri who remain loyal to the horns.

And then there are guys like this:

Super Bowl: Wade Phillips’ abilities proving ageless | The Detroit News

He’s a treasure and a revelation. A few writers have hinted that this may be the final run for Son Of Bum. I for one hope not.

Los Angeles Rams Struggle to Win Over Hometown TV Audience | The Wall Street Journal

Despite the Rams’ recent success, LA remains a fickle market. A Super Bowl win and a fancy new barn would go a long way towards making articles like this a thing of the past.

Is there still one more chapter left in the Robey-Coleman Super Bowl story? | Canoe

Let’s hope it’s a chapter called “Pick Six” instead of the “Eat Crow” addendum. NRC will need an entire offseason to pull the entire back room of the Agoura Hills Foot Locker out of his mouth.

What Danny Amendola Believes Patriots Should Fear About Rams In Super Bowl | NESN

Hint: QB’s absolutely hate pressure up the middle. We have a guy who’s pretty good at that sort of thing.

Hot or not, Goff and the L.A. offense has proven it can overcome adversity in lead up to Super Bowl LIII | Rams Official

Despite a few stumbles down the stretch, this Rams offense has proved resilient on a number of occasions — even when they appear to be a little bit out of synch.

Joyner on Patriots offense: “They do a really good job attacking where you’re weak.” | Rams Official

So, in other words, Lamarcus, they’ll be attacking YOU this Sunday? I’m glad the oft picked-on Rams safety is aware of what New England might try to do to us — because if you watch the tape, he’s been the weak link in the LA secondary.

Todd Gurley or C.J. Anderson: Which RB should Rams lean on in Super Bowl? | RamsWire

Will we see an equal mix of both backs a la the Dallas game? Or perhaps a heavier workload for Gurley, with C.J. coming in in short-yardage situations? We can debate this all day long — the silver lining is that Bill Belichick has to, also.

Super Bowl LIII by the numbers: 12 key stats to know for Rams vs. Patriots | RamsWire

Some fascinating numbers and trends courtesy of Cam DaSilva as we lock and load for Super Bowl LIII.