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Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Thursday Night Football live thread

A massive game for the Cowboys and thus the NFC playoff picture.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

At 7-5, the Los Angeles Rams are on the outside of the NFC playoff picture looking in and hoping for some help from the 8-4 Minnesota Vikings.

They’re also looking in at the 6-6 Dallas Cowboys who currently hold the fourth seed in the NFC.


Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Losing Record Havers and New York Giants all currently holding losing records, the Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East.

That makes tonight’s game between the Cowboys and the 6-6 Chicago Bears extremely relevant to the 2020 NFL Playoffs. A win for Dallas wouldn’t clinch that #4 seed, but a loss would leave the door wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open for Philly.

Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett is firmly on a hot seat and might have already clinched his ouster with the loss on Thanksgiving to the Buffalo Bills.

For the Bears on the other hand, they’re nearly on to the offseason thanks to the Green Bay Packers’ 9-3 record that has just about sealed off the Bears from the NFC North race. The second season for QB Mitchell Trubisky under Head Coach Matt Nagy has not gone well (at all) on offense leading some Bears fans worried about the future of their historic franchise.

Cowboys-Bears. Thursday Night Football. Desperation.