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Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers: Win/loss predictions for Week 16

The 49ers dominated the Rams in Week 6. Here’s to hoping for a better showing on Saturday night

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams (8-6) head north in Week 16 to take on the San Francisco 49ers (11-3). The Rams still have the slimmest of chances of making the postseason, but it requires them winning out and the Minnesota Vikings (10-4) dropping their final two games. Not ideal. The 49ers, however, are currently tied atop the division and looking for a win to sneak past the Seattle Seahawks (also 11-3) and earn the NFC West crown — and potentially a shot at the No. 1 overall seed.

Much like last week’s performance in Dallas, the Rams struggled mightily against the 49ers earlier this season. Can they bounce back from a tough loss and take care of business against the 49ers on Saturday evening?

The Turf Show Times’ staff make their predictions...

Skye Sverdlin (@skyeattolah)

Inconsistency can work both ways. The Rams can go from good to terrible in 7 days, but the reverse can also be true. With the Rams playoff hopes suddenly and abruptly discharged, they will play loose and terminate the Gold Diggers of Saint Clara. I’m fired (up) to watch McVay expel every last gadget in the play book, leaving the Whiner Faithful blogging complaints into the wind out of habit.

Prediction: Rams win, 28-13

Joey Aucoin (@LARamsRamsRams)

Are the San Francisco 49ers off to a hot start with an intense pass rush? You bet. Are the Rams going to destroy them? Absolutely. Goff throws 3 TDs and Gurley runs wild.

Prediction: Rams win, 42-9

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

Barring a miracle, the TST staff has two more weeks of predictions before the conclusion of the 2019 season. Due to Vox’s Christmas present to us, we’ll all be removed from running our favorite blog very soon.Part of me wants to go on a tirade against them, the other (more reasonable) part of me is going to take the high road. So I’ll keep this short and sweet.The Rams are banged up and their season is likely over, but I simply can’t pick the 9ers.Go big or go home, baby!

Prediction: Rams win, 48-0

Sosa Kremenjas (@QBsMVP)

The 49ers are simply a better team at this point, no doubt about it. The state of the team (injuries) could allow the Rams to hang around, but I don’t have much hope (like my job prospects). It mainly depends on what Sean McVay prefers to do when crafting his gameplan as the team has looked far superior trotting 12-personnel out on offense as opposed to his favored 11-personnel. The one positive for McVay? He doesn’t need to be worried about his seat turning hot, though mine is currently scorching. Expect the Rams to bounce back from a disgusting Week 15 performance (as I did this week), though I’m not entirely sure they have enough in the tank to best the 49ers.

Prediction: 49ers win, 16-13

seattlerams (@seattlerams_nfl)

After laying a spectacular egg last Sunday in Dallas, the Rams playoff hopes are hovering around 5%.The day after that sobering performance, everyone at Turf Show Times was invited to apply for one of the 20 positions Vox Media opened up after they, and nearly 200+ other independent contractors who work on every California team site SB Nation operates, were fired. The cold reality is that neither scenario seems likely to happen for the Rams, or any staff member of Turf Show Times. The 49ers dominated the Rams in LA earlier this year in a game that featured more screen time for 9ers’ DC Robert Saleh celebrating on the sidelines than Ryan Gosling saw during the entirety of La La Land.

Enjoy this TST staff prediction piece, kids…Brandon Bate now only has 34 articles left in him after this one.

Prediction: 49ers win, 31-10

3k (@3k_)

Prediction: Rams win, 14-10

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Per California’s Assembly Bill No. 5 — an act to amend Section 3351 of, and to add Section 2750.3 to, the Labor Code, and to amend Sections 606.5 and 621 of the Unemployment Insurance Code, relating to employment, and making an appropriation therefor — the Rams are finna get stomped out.

Prediction: 49ers win, 27-10

Staff pick summary: 4 picks for the Rams, 3 picks for the 49ers