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Something is happening.

TST Logo

Yesterday, I was informed of some changes to the business model that governs Turf Show Times along with a bunch of other SB Nation team sites and any contributors who reside in the state of California due to a new law, California Assembly Bill 5.

Right now, I’m honestly not certain enough of many details to pass much on except to say that the site will almost certainly be changing. Entirely.

I was informed that a piece would be published here at 12pm ET/9am PT that would inform the public as to what is going on and the intended plan moving forward, but as you can obviously see that hasn’t happened.

So I just wanted to get an initial thread up for commenters to discuss anything they’ve seen in reporting or across other SB Nation sites.

I’ll obviously share details once I’m certain of their veracity since I don’t want to publish anything that changes 24 hours later or whatnot.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get something from Vox Media (our parent company) up soon that will clarify things.

Apologies for the confusion, but honestly this is out of my hands.

Expect more...soon, hopefully.