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Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys: Ugly loss renders the season over


NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In what was the most important contest of the year, the Los Angeles Rams put forth an absolute stinker on the road against the Dallas Cowboys, ultimately losing 37-15.

The Rams looked out of sync offensively from the get-go. QB Jared Goff started the game with three overthrows, with the most egregious one on third-down to a wide open receiver in Cooper Kupp running a deep over. Goff had a horrendous contest, missing receivers all over the field and inaccurately throwing nearly every pass. Goff’s hand was wrapped on the sidelines, which may have had somewhat of an effect on his troubles throwing the ball, though he struggled even prior to the injury.

The offensive line opened no holes what so ever in the running department as RB Todd Gurley totaled 18 rushing yards for 1.8-yards per carry. The offensive line was terrible in pass protection to boot.

Defensively, the team looked overmatched and unprepared, particularly against the run. Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott totaled 117 rushing yards and two touchdowns and backup RB Tony Pollard chipped in another 85 yards on the ground. The dominance in the rushing attack opened up major coverage lapses, some of which were completely self-inflicted with defensive backs simply running into each other.

The performance was putrid on all sides of the ball. The Rams couldn’t get anything going and it ultimately cost them the season. Technically, they haven’t been mathematically eliminated yet, but please don’t hold your breath.

Onto brighter days.


Pollard just scored another 40-yard touchdown. Yikes.

Goff to Kupp for a 10-yard touchdown.