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Los Angeles Rams fans confidence skyrockets in FanPulse results after Week 14 beatdown of Seattle Seahawks

Feelin good!

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Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay celebrates a touchdown with RB Todd Gurley against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 14, Dec. 8, 2019.
Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay celebrates a touchdown with RB Todd Gurley against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 14, Dec. 8, 2019.
Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the offseason, we send 32 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Los Angeles Rams fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

And away...we...go!

On the back of the Rams’ 28-12 win over the Seattle Seahawks, fan confidence skyrocketed to 81%, the seventh-highest rate in the NFL and the highest level of confidence for Rams fans since the Rams were 3-1.

It’s easy to understand why. The Rams have won three of their last four and looked quite capable the last two weeks.

Good times.

A quick point of order if I may. I mentioned Rams fans have the seventh-highest confidence at 81%. Only one other team clocks in at the 80% threshold: the 5-8 Denver Broncos whose fans are enjoying the beginning of the Drew Lock era. Just eight teams over 80%. The number of teams over 80% when the preseason started?


The Cycle hypes up every fan base every year to ridiculous levels only to see nearly every fan base crash into the reality of the season and the losses that come along the way.

Heading into Week 1, only three teams had fan bases that came in under 50% confidence levels. Now?



National questions this week surround the 2020 NFL Draft with so many fan bases already turning their attentions to the offseason.

Question 1, who’s picking first?

The Cincinnati Bengals picked up their first win of the year two weeks ago over the New York Jets. At 1-12, they’re the only one-win team right now, but the 2-11 New York Giants are right there. Those other two, the Miami Dolphins and Washington Ten-Game Losers, are 3-10.

The second question is who they’re in the fight for:

I’m working on a Burrow piece so I’ll save my thoughts for it later, but he’s certainly been the most productive player in college football this year setting the SEC records for passing yards and passing touchdowns.

He was also the star of the best movie this year:

Thanks as always for those of you who voted, and those who didn’t please sign up so we can hear from you!