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Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: Bring it on

On to the Cowboys!

NFL: DEC 08 Seahawks at Rams Photo by Michael Workman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What a game! What a thrill! Lights out!

The Los Angeles Rams’ 28-12 win against the Seattle Seahawks was the most complete performance by the team this year. The Rams’ offense continually moved the ball from well in their into territory into the Seahawks’ territory time and time again. The Seahawks’ offense was completely stymied by the Rams’ defense sacking QB Russell Wilson five times.

It was a thing of beauty.

Every game since the return, Seahawks fans swarm the Coliseum. They probably come to Los Angeles not only for the game, but to get away from their dreary life in rain-soaked Seattle to enjoy the California sunshine. They’re a normally a raucous bunch. They tend to scream and yell all the time believing the “12th man” has a direct impact on the outcome of the game.

Silence is golden. There was absolute silence from the 12th man in the Coliseum on Sunday night.

They showed up. They were shut up.

Rams fans were led to believe that based on the Seahawks’ five-game winning streak, they were one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. I left saying to myself, “If that’s one of the best teams in the NFL, the Rams are better and coming on strong when they need it most.”

The Rams weren’t perfect. QB Jared Goff threw two interceptions. I thought that was going to be a turning point in the game. Too bad. I sure ain’t gonna feel sorry for them since the Rams should have beaten this team in Seattle but for a missed field goal by K Greg Zuerlein at the end of regulation.

My biggest concern down the stretch (and something I never thought would happen) are the Rams’ special teams. Special teams are a third of the game. While we are used to Greg being automatic, he’s having a down year. So too is P Johnny Hekker. Throw in the mix that the Rams got a field goal blocked in this game and that PR JoJo Natson is now out for the year though he hasn’t been stellar either. Special Teams Coordinator John “Bones” Fassel has his work cut out for him.

The Rams need to fix their problems fast. They need their special teams to be “special”.

I’m afraid to think the Rams could wind up missing up the playoffs because of a missed field goal or a lousy punt of muffed punt return. Yikes!

How to approach the Dallas Cowboys game

It’s all about RB Todd Gurley. He may not get 100 yards on the ground, but when he’s out there, he’s the difference maker.

The Rams’ offensive line is starting to come together and gave Goff plenty of time to find his wide receivers down the field. The Rams were effective in finding ways to get everyone involved including TE Tyler Higbee who is now a big name target in the Rams’ arsenal.

Head Coach Sean McVay’s playcalling was excellent including rollouts for Goff. I’d stay away from quarterback run plays as Goff goes in to Giraffe Mode. His dad was a former professional baseball player. Didn’t he teach his son to slide?

I’m guessing based on what I’ve seen this wasn’t part of Goff’s curriculum.

That said, throw out the records. Don’t worry about the playoffs. Focus on winning this next game. And who is the Rams next opponent?

The team I can’t stand.

The team whose owner has his own radio and TV show and gets more mike time after a game then the players or the coaches—Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys. An organization that calls itself “America’s Team.” Even a Rams’ loss is temporarily turned around upon learning of a Cowboys loss. A great weekend is when the Rams win and the Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers both lose.


Because anyone who has watched the Rams will never forget when the wildcard Dallas Cowboys beat the Los Angeles Rams 37-7 in the Coliseum to win the 1976 NFC Championship forty years ago. It was the most demoralizing, humiliating loss I’ve ever experienced more then losing a Super Bowl and worse then the Baltimore Ravens loss this year because it was about a trip to the Super Bowl.

It was a blow out.

Since then, I have come despise the Cowboys. I hate their star on the helmet, but I love a Tony Romo interception at the end of the game. I hate their uniforms, but I love seeing them in complete disarray causing Skip Bayless to throw his Ezekiel Elliott jersey in the trash. I hate hearing about how good Dak Prescott is, but love seeing Steven A. Smith dancing around the studio in his cowboy hat and cigar with ABC shirt on, “Anything But the Cowboys.”

Keep in mind that no matter how many playoff or regular season wins the Rams will have in my lifetime over that franchise, it will never be enough. I don’t care what their current record is. I don’t care about the impending firing of Head Coach Jason Garrett. I only care about Dallas being prepared for an unbelievable run to the Super Bowl being another promise made to Cowboys fans that goes unfulfilled.

When you scrap the junk off your shoe, it should remind you of the Cowboys.

The Rams can’t look beyond this week to the Whiners. The Rams need to squarely focus their attention on Dallas and winning this game.

If the Rams finish at 11-5 and don’t make the playoffs as long as they beat the Cowboys I’ll live with it, cause Dallas has no chance to go to the Super Bowl.

This could be a trap game if you let it be.

Forget the Texas slogan “Remember the Alamo” For me its “Remember the 1976 NFC Championship Game!” Never forget. Never forgive!