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Los Angeles Rams 34, Arizona Cardinals 7: With ease

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The Rams needed a response coming out of the Week 12 blowout loss to the Ravens. They produced one.

The Los Angeles Rams’ offense lines up against the Arizona Cardinals’ defense in Week 13, Dec. 1, 2019.
The Los Angeles Rams’ offense lines up against the Arizona Cardinals’ defense in Week 13, Dec. 1, 2019.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams hit the road in Week 13 to take on the Arizona Cardinals a week after being decimated by the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football in Week 12.

Oh, the difference a week makes.

The Rams rolled the Cardinals 34-7 in an absolute rout that cleansed the system of last week’s disappointment.

Were it not for some early redzone ineptitude, this game might have been over at the end of the first quarter. Instead, QB Jared Goff leaned into the playaction as the Cardinals were unable to stay rooted upfield leaving Goff to pick apart a porous defensive depth chart all day. WR Robert Woods and TE Tyler Higbee dogged the Cardinals’ defense early helping open things up for RB Todd Gurley who looked perhaps the most gamely of his 2019 campaign. And the offensive line had another very strong showing giving Goff ample time to work through his reads.

Suffice to say the defense was spectacular keeping the Cardinals shut out well into the fourth quarter. Rookie QB Kyler Murray might have been hampered by his hamstring issue that landed him on the final game injury report. Regardless, he had little going all game as the Cards went 2/13 on 3rd down. Fun game for S Taylor Rapp who dropped a pick six early, had an interception taken back on a very, very, very, very, very questionable pass interference review and then finally got his pick six in the third.

It was a dominant performance all around. Coming this late with five losses already in the backpack probably won’t have quite the effect it would have otherwise, but you’d prefer it to the alternative.

Especially with the Seattle Seahawks coming to LA next week...