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Random Ramsdom 11/8: Clay Matthews hungry for some QBs

Rams football is back, and so is the Random Ramsdom!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Broken jaw gave Clay Matthews new appreciation for eating | Rams Wire

Man, I can say, having broken my knee and not being able to walk for 13 weeks, having something you take for granted taken away gives you new appreciation for it. I can’t imagine not being able to chew or talk as you normally would.

Clay Matthews on his fine for criticizing officials: I said what I had to say | Pro Football Talk

Officiating has be really bad lately. It’s not even just this season. It’s never been good, but it seems to be getting worse. Rather than trying to solve the problem, however, the NFL apparently wants to put it’s head in the sand and fine anyone who doesn’t keep quiet about it.

For Aaron Donald, Rams’ road game against Steelers will feel like home | OC Register

Who doesn’t love Aaron Donald…besides opposing QBs? And even then, you know they respect (or fear, something) him.

Rams WR Brandin Cooks says he will play again this season | Rams Wire

I get that he want’s to be back the field, but he’s had too many concussions to continue to want to put himself at risk man. There’s a life beyond football and I’d hate for him to risk his future health for a sport.

Why Brandin Cooks should be easier to replace than Cooper Kupp was last year | Rams Wire

Cooper Kupp’s absence was felt last season. I agree that Cook’s won’t be as significant. Kupp’s mental game is on a different level to other receivers and that makes him difficult to replace. Cooks, while good and fast, doesn’t have the same abilities.

Josh Reynolds steps into Rams lineup again, in place of Brandin Cooks | Los Angeles Times

Josh Reynolds has been and will continue to be a great depth receiver. Beyond that, he’s shown that he is more than capable of hanging with the starters. I’m not worried about this position in the least.

Eric Weddle doesn’t want 18-game season: ‘Should never even be a question’ | Rams Wire

Fans want more Football. I get it. Player’s don’t. I get that too. It’s a physically demanding sport with a high risk of injury. Adding more regular season games would make it more so.

Report: James Conner not expected to play against Rams | Pro Football Talk

Looks like we may have caught a break this week.