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Random Ramsdom 11/7: No Cooks in the kitchen

The news for the LA Rams has definitely turned ‘injury related,’ but there’s still plenty to chew as the boys travel to the Steel City this weekend.

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San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Cooks ruled out of Sunday’s game, will meet with specialist |

This is an interesting article because it assumes WR Brandin Cooks’s is simply delayed as he seeks a second specialist regarding his concussion that he suffered in the Week 8 win in London vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. The piece goes on to throw some slight shade at WR Josh Reynolds, as the LA Rams are described as a team without a deep threat with Cooks on the sidelines.

Cooks is out, but Mathews on track to return from broken jaw | ESPN

OLB Clay Matthews enjoyed a pretty fantastic start to the season, until his jaw was destroyed in Week 5. This article also goes into detail about who will fill in for Cooks (it’s Josh Reynolds).

Rams are striving to find the perfect run-pass balance | Rams Wire

Sean McVay was quoted as saying that he wants his play calling to put defenses in conflict. So far this season, the conflict fell mostly to Rams fans. Now, as big of a fan that most of are of QB Jared Goff, the man needs a play-action threat which means there needs to be at least an indication that the Rams are interested in running the ball, at all. You guys get it.

Donald travels to his hometown where he still has his roots | LA Times

This is a classic Gary Klein piece that puts all of the narratives regarding the greatness of DE Aaron Donald into a easy-to-digest meal that feels cohesive. Donald is quite the story and I’m sure it’ll be mentioned at least ten times that Donald spends a lot of his offseason in Pittsburgh and went to Pitt.

Why the rumors about the Chargers is good for the Rams | NBC Sports

Mike Florio goes where Rams fans want him to go with this article — brutal stuff if you’re a Los Angeles Chargers fan, whoever that person is.

How the Rams can make a playoff push | The Athletic

A ten-point plan by Rich Hammond that goes into detail about how the LA Rams can hustle their way into the postseason.