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Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff at bottom of the pack on’s QB Index

Though he’s not paid like one, Jared Goff is thought of as a bottom tier QB that could easily be replaced... if it wasn’t for his contract.

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

So, how bad are things for the Los Angeles Rams these days?

The Rams aren’t technically out of playoff contention, but the Minnesota Vikings would need to really bumble things up in a spectacular fashion. Besides that... their offense is still weird and their defense just got slapped so hard that HR has been contacted.

QB Jared Goff, our fearless leader, is a turnover machine that can't get the ball into the end zone.’s QB Index dropped him 3 more spots to 24 and morale is low with the Ramily. To put this in context, QB Kyle Allen of the Carolina Panthers is two spots ahead of Goff. Wow. KYLE ALLEN. I mean, seriously. Wow.

Here is what the experts at the QB Index had to say:

Playing the Washington Generals to Lamar Jackson’s Harlem Globetrotters on Monday night, Goff posted his fourth multi-pick game of 2019. He had three during his first two seasons combined under Sean McVay. The Rams’ 39-point defeat was the worst home loss in franchise history. Goff himself hasn’t fallen by a margin that big since he was a true freshman starter on a 1-11 Cal team. Over the last three weeks, the 25-year-old QB has turned the ball over six times while failing to generate a single touchdown. Friendly reminder: We’re 85 days removed from Goff inking a $134 million extension featuring an NFL record $110 million guaranteed.

Suffice to say, this season is going badly given the expectations.

Any thought of Goff turning things around for Week 13 feels like a pipe dream if you’re paying attention. The bright spot is that the Arizona Cardinals’ defense is ranked in the bottom-five by many.

Being an original Jared Goff stan, I want to say that Goff still has what it takes to finish on a strong note.

But like many Rams fans, maybe we just need to hang up on Jared Goff and try again later.