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Random Ramsdom, 11/30: Back to work

With their playoff chances fading, the Rams are playing for self-respect on Sunday

NFL: International Series-Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

‘I need to be better’: Goff hopes to wake up from November nightmare | Press-Enterprise

I’ll take Goff holding himself accountable as a positive, but it’s one thing to say it another thing to do it. Maybe he’ll find some rhythm against Arizona and put an awful month of football behind him.

Wade Phillips takes blame for blowout loss to Ravens | NBC Sports

Plenty of blame to go around after that trainwreck. See: above. Accountability is great. Shut down the Cardinals and Kyler Murray, please.

Los Angeles Rams: What needs to happen to make the playoffs? | FanSided

Win out, and get some help. After what we just witnessed against the Ravens, it’s hard to hold out much hope, but anything can happen.

Rams may have to deal with Russell Wilson until quarterback is 45 | Ramblin’ Fan

I really hope he doesn’t play until he’s 45. Nightmare to play against, and a terrible interview.

Jalen Ramsey respectfully covers challenge of facing Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald | LA Times

It’s good to see the Rams’ all-world CB giving credit to one of the GOATs. Hopefully, he pays him the ultimate compliment by shutting him out on Sunday.

This is where Sean McVay can show true genius as Rams are stuck in wilderness of their own creation | Yahoo! Sports

Great article explaining why the Rams could have (should have?) been pioneers by jettisoning a young, talented QB prior to a huge payday.

Rams need to help Jared Goff end touchdown drought right away in Week 13 | Ramblin’ Fan

Maybe we can get Goff going early, but would just as soon see a far more balanced attack than what we witnessed last week.

Jared Goff not feeling added pressure from $134 million contract | RamsWire

Here’s a thought: maybe he SHOULD be feeling added pressure. Status quo isn’t quite cutting the mustard, Jared.

Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals: Who has the edge? | OC Register

A breakdown of Sunday’s road matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.