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Los Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens: The report card for the Rams is ‘E’ for embarrassing

The LA Rams hosted the upstart Baltimore Ravens and showed the world how great QB Lamar Jackson and company are.

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Week 12 Monday Night Football game, hosted by the Los Angeles Rams, was hyped as another showcase for the MVP candidate Lamar Jackson and more proof that the Rams’ season is doomed. Would the defense, led by DE Aaron Donald, be able to put a lid on the dynamic Ravens’ offense?

And what about QB Jared Goff? Would he be able to focus on his open receivers or would the pressure be too much? Are NFL fans wrong to sleep on the Rams?

Well, the grades are in and after the humiliating 45-6 loss to the Ravens, the Rams have flunked out.



Throwing 26/37 for 212 yards is not the worst game for QB Jared Goff. But the two interceptions, the no touchdowns, the fumble... it was bad. Goff was not accurate at all. It was rough to watch really makes you think about the future of this team. He just never got into a rhythm and the Rams could never get going. Goff was 2 for 9 on 3rd downs. With a dynamic offense like the Ravens, Goff needed to get into the end zone several times. Instead, they got there zero times.

Running Back


Pretty much a non-factor. 22 yards rushing. Total. Seriously. Gurley had six carries. That’s it. That was the run game.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends


Most of their stats were bloated in garbage time. It was great to have WR Brandin Cooks and WR Robert Woods back, but it didn’t really mean anything because Goff was so ineffective with the passing attack. On a somewhat bright side, TE Tyler Higbee was alive at times during the game, catching five passes. But for only 20 yards. Man, this game was rough for Rams fans.

Offensive Line


Woof. This unit needed to set up the play-action, but it was apparent that they couldn’t create any running lanes.

Defensive Line


The Rams’ defense was manhandled by the rushing attack. Even without Jackson’s 95 yards, they allowed RB Mark Ingram II to run wild for 111 yards and 1 touchdown and another receiving touchdown. It was difficult for the line to break through to get to the quarterback because they were so fixated on stopping Jackson from running the ball. A mess.



LB Cory Littleton made tackles like always and OLB Samson Ebukam was effective at times, but they were just chasing ghosts the whole game.

Defensive Backs


They looked like they were in another class compared to the Raven’s offense. Awful.

Special Teams


The special teams unit wasn’t the problem. They did fine. K Greg Zuerlein was 2 for 2 and WR Jojo Natson looked legit at times.



Whatever Coach Sean McVay is telling these guys in meetings and in the locker room, it’s not working. The offensive and defensive schemes are broken. The season is done and the first-round draft picks have been traded. Yikes.

The LA Rams have a lot of soul searching to do in the final games of the season. This game is going to leave an impact and maybe the team leaders can pull themselves up and show that they’re better than this performance.

Because it’s hard to see them playing worse than this Monday Night Football game.