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Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff shoots up’s QB index... to 21

Jared Goff performed well enough to get the W on Sunday Night Football and his critics are mildly impressed.

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

It’s Week 12 and has their QB index up and there’s been some movement for the Los Angeles Rams quarterback. And if you care about other stuff besides the Rams, QB Tom Brady fell out of the top ten and it’s the big lead for the piece because Brady is super famous.

Back to the Rams: QB Jared Goff was impressive in comparison to QB Mitchell Trubisky, but when you really watch tape on him vs. the Chicago Bears, Goff looked... fine.

It’s my belief that fate robbed Jared Goff of two touchdowns on SNF — is that irrational and very very crazy? You bet. He was still robbed of two TDs. I will not back down from this.

Here is what the crew had to say about Goff:

Goff just needs less attempts per game while the running game gets going and then he can survive on the play-action. This is basically what Rams fans have been screaming about all season — for Coach Sean McVay to run the ball more. Have a balanced offensive attack. You know, that whole “give the ball to Todd Gurley” philosophy. 18 passing attempts seems a little extreme for Goff, but I think I’m just appreciating the idea that McVay is trying different things with the offense in order to get it going again.

The rookies on the offensive line, OL David Edwards and OL Bobby Evans, have been such a pleasant surprise that maybe things will starting clicking in unexpected ways. Should they stick with Austin Blythe at center? These guys need to gel as a unit if Goff’s season is going to rebound.

Will Goff continue his upward trajectory on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens’ defense? Well, would you expect good things from the 21st best quarterback in the league? Probably not. But this is Goff and the Rams.

And Jared Goff is better than this.

Also... he was robbed of two touchdowns on Sunday Night Football.