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If the New York Giants won with Eli Manning, the Los Angeles Rams can win with Jared Goff

Jared Goff is the answer at quarterback for the LA Rams because he has to be.

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

USA Today’s site that covers the NFL, Touchdown Wire, published a piece yesterday that ranked the best situations at QB for each NFL team. The Rams, surprisingly, came in at #10.

Here is what they had to say about Goff:

The Rams already have shown an enormous amount of faith in Goff. They signed him to his second contract — four years for $134 million. “Even though they got to the Super Bowl last year, I’m not convinced he’s the kind of guy who can carry you to a championship,” one panelist said. “He’s fine with a good team around him. Was he worth that contract? I’m not sure. But the market is what it is.” Nevertheless, the Rams have a talented roster, and they have Goff locked up through 2024.

So far this season, Goff has thrown 11 touchdown passes to go with 10 interceptions. HIs QB rating has plummeted to 82.1, a far cry from his just-north of 100 QBR from the past two seasons. The criticism is deserved, for sure. The kid just signed a four-year 134 million dollar contract.

You know what’s a realistic future for Goff? An unflappable team leader that sneaks a couple Super Bowl trophies because he always just... stuck around.

Like QB Eli Manning. Never considered the best quarterback in the league, Manning is also a former #1 NFL Draft pick with a pedigree of professional athletes in his family. Manning and Goff are both big dudes that don’t move particularly well, but that can throw for yards and if you want to be a jerk about it, they turnover the ball too much. But when you protect them, they can both win you games.

And in Manning’s case, he can win you Super Bowls.

New York Daily News Back page Feburary 2, 2008 , Champs!, Ne Photo by NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Never the favorite, Manning just found a way to win. Or maybe he just stumbled to glory twice? Seems unlikely. Winning a championship is an elusive quest and Manning somehow tied his brother, Hall of Fame legend, QB Peyton Manning in the race to gather the most Super Bowl rings, winning in 2008 and 2012. Part of what worked was that the Giants signed Manning to a big contract and built around him in a way that just happened to make them competitive most of the time. And most of the time is rather generous, considering Manning won 116 games with the Giants while also losing 116 games with the Giants.

But again... two Super Bowl wins.

So, what does that mean for Goff? Will he be able to win it all for the Rams... twice?

Goff’s strength is his steady presence. He throws like a guy who has never made an incompletion, which means the dude can come back from an ugly play and throw a devastating dime to WR Cooper Kupp. Goff is going to have his ups and downs during his time with the LA Rams — that just seems to be a guarantee.

But is that enough to win it all? Maybe Goff’s turnovers aren’t exactly what you’d draw up in a strategy meeting with the front office, but these are the cards the Rams have been dealt.

Goff has an elite arm. His composure in the pocket and accuracy is... not elite. But about three times a game, Goff will remind fans that he can sling it.

Jared Goff is probably not going to be a Hall of Fame quarterback. But could Goff win multiple Super Bowl rings like the Manning brothers?

The Los Angeles Rams are betting on it.