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Random Ramsdom 11/21: Eric Weddle is not a spy

The LA Rams are playing the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night and there are so many storylines that we made a list of links just to keep track.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Rams defense to be tested by 3 MVP candidates in next 4 weeks | Rams Wire

If you remove QB Kyler Murray, who is no slouch, the Los Angeles Rams will be facing QB Lamar Jackson, QB Russell Wilson, and QB Dak Prescott in the next four weeks. If you’re going to kick the tires on your defense to see what you have, I guess this is an effective way to do it. I would prefer the “Bengals Method” where you just play the Cincinnati Bengals 16 times in a row.

Weddle says he won’t share Ravens’ scheme with Rams | Bleacher Report

This is a somewhat silly story because NFL players switch teams all the time. But Weddle is basically doing some fun humble bragging about how he’s a good sportsman.

Weddle won’t share Ravens intel because that’s not who he is | ESPN

Oh, did you think that previous story was just a fluff piece that only one site picked up on? This one has some legs because Eric Weddle is a fun interview and the man loves ice cream. You can never be mad at someone who loves ice cream that much.

Robert Woods remains away from Rams with personal issue | Pro Football Talk

This is one of those stories where you actually don’t want the information because whatever is happening with WR Robert Woods right now is private. The status for Woods playing in the Monday Night Football game against the Baltimore Ravens is yet to be determined.

Peters on facing Rams: that’s done for me |

This upcoming MNF game has a LOT of angles. CB Marcus Peters were traded from the LA Rams to the Ravens only a handful of weeks ago (five) and here we are. Peters is probably dreaming of a pick six against Goff and the Rams. I would be offended if he didn’t.

5 things to know for Rams-Ravens matchup | Rams Wire

Two prime time games in a row! Rams fans are getting spoiled with all this attention, it’s as if the Rams are an east coast team! Imagine!

What is actually causing Jared Goff’s regression | CBS Sports

Jason La Canfora rings the alarm for LA Rams fans, making the claim that QB Jared Goff is a victim of a strong division and a big contract. With this thinking, the best way to get a quality starting quarterback is to keep their future uncertain while keeping the competition average.