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Turf Show Radio, S11E23: Rams win in Week 11, still in playoff fight

3k and Rob-o recap the Rams’ Week 11 win on Sunday Night Football.

0:35 - Thanksgiving plans

3:22 - The year 3k fried turkeys for the Los Angeles Lakers and Smush Parker

5:05 - Box score, team stats recap

8:10 - Rob-o starts with the offensive line

10:10 - Does RT Rob Havenstein lose his starting job if OT Bobby Evans continues to play well?

12:55 - RB Todd Gurley with 25 carries, three receptions...wut

14:00 - QB Jared Goff. Does it matter how he plays if a portion of Rams fans will claim that he’s always playing well?

18:24 - Has the genius of Rams Head Coach Sean McVay worn off?

22:00 - The defense is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic. DL Aaron Donald + Rams’ secondary = good!

23:40 - The run defense has been sneaky good this year

25:26 - Fan Favorite CB Troy Hill is playing some good football

26:20 - Playoff picture looks rough

27:00 - The Baltimore Ravens are good. QB Lamar Jackson is good. The Rams will have their hands full in Week 12.

Easter egg - (explained here)