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Random Ramsdom 11/18: The Los Angeles Rams beat the Chicago Bears, but they’re still struggling

It’s the Victory Monday edition of the Random Ramsdom

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Woods inactive for Rams, David Montgomery active for Bears | Pro Football Talk

Still not sure where WR Robert Woods went. As far as RT Rob Havenstein, replacement RT Bobby Evans had a great game covering. I’m not going to make any pronouncements yet, one game isn’t enough to judge. But he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Todd Gurley, Rams Beat Bears as Jared Goff, Mitch Trubisky Both Struggle | Bleacher Report

RB Todd Gurley showed up today. He’s a huge reason why the Los Angeles Rams took home the W today. Him and the defense, who’s been showing up this whole season. QB Jared Goff seemed to be in a battle with QB Mitch Trubisky on who wanted the loss more.

Todd Gurley reaches 5,000 career rushing yards, 6th Rams RB ever | Rams Wire

Cool milestone reached for our overpaid running back.

Broncos fail to help Rams in NFC, blow 20-point lead to Vikings | Rams Wire

I think at this point it’s become clear that the Rams are getting absolutely no outside help in their Wild Card hopes.

NFL Kickoff crew on why Rams’ over-investment in stars is the source of their problems | FOX Sports | Fox Sports

There are two people who I believe we overpaid: Todd Gurley and Jared Goff. I know it’s an unpopular opinion that I’ve been peddling around here for a little while, but Goff isn’t that good. He’s with no help, he’s bad. With the right help, he’s good with flashes of greatness. but for $33m per year, he should be good without help and great/lethal with the cast he had before.

Watch: Todd Gurley scores TD after Cooper Kupp gets lucky with fumble | Rams Wire

Nice recovery after an uncommon ball mishap from one of the surest hands on the team, Mr. Cooper Kupp.

Sean McVay unsure when Robert Woods will be back with Rams | Rams Wire

Whatever it is, hopefully Robert Woods is or will be good. This hurts the offense, no doubt, but Woods should take the time he needs for himself and his family. At the end of the day, this is just a game and these are humans playing this sport.

Rams take a different approach to beat Bears and boost their playoff hopes | Los Angeles Times

The Rams played differently today than we’re used to. It got them the win. It may not have been pretty, and there’s still plenty to clean up, but it worked. Mostly.

Rams still alive in playoff chase after beating the Bears | ESPN

The chase continues! If they do make the playoffs, I don’t think they’ll get very deep. And by very deep I mean we lose the Wild Card game. This team isn’t at the level to go further than that.