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Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears second half live thread

The Rams have a 10-0 lead heading into halftime. Is it enough?

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Well, it hasn’t necessarily been pretty, but the Los Angeles Rams are getting the job done against the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football in Week 11.

Rams’ RB Todd Gurley, especially, has looked tremendous on offense. The defense has also played very well. The Bears have sputtered on offense, and have gifted the Rams this lead as a result of a pair of missed field goals.

It’s halftime. The score is 10-0. We’ll see how each team comes out of the half, but it’s pretty clear what has worked for the Rams thus far and that’s taking it out of the hands of Jared Goff and putting into the hands of the running back.

Scoring summary:

Q2 [11:38]: Greg Zuerlein converts on a 38 yard field goal — Rams lead, 3-0

Q2 [3:33]: Todd Gurley runs it up the gut 1 yard for a touchdown — Rams lead, 10-0