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NFL Week 11 early live thread

Here’s what’s going down before Rams-Bears.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys (5-4) at Detroit Lions (3-5-1)

1pm ET/10am PT, FOX

Detroit’s defense is horrible. Dallas’ offense is not.

QB Dak Prescott and company should put up numbers here.

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5) at Indianapolis Colts (5-4)

1pm ET/10am PT, CBS





Buffalo Bills (6-3) at Miami Dolphins (2-7)

1pm ET/10am PT, CBS

The Bills’ defense should (a) make this unwinnable for Miami and (b) make this unwatchable for everyone else.

Denver Broncos (3-6) at Minnesota Vikings (7-3)

1pm ET/10am PT, CBS

If this were college football, we’d note that the Vikings are a very good team who just happen to have losses to familiar foes in the Bears and Packers with a three-point cross-conference loss to the Chiefs.

Instead, we should note that Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio is here to disrupt every NFL offense starting with the Los Angeles Rams in 2018 and using that as a warning shot to the rest of the league.

New Orleans Saints (7-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6)

1pm ET/10am PT, FOX


New York Jets (2-7) at Washington One-game Winners (1-8)

1pm ET/10am PT, FOX

Get off my lawn.

Atlanta Falcons (2-7) at Carolina Panthers (5-4)

1pm ET/10am PT, FOX

How good of a game was this a year ago?

Houston Texans (6-3) at Baltimore Ravens (7-2)

1pm ET/10am PT, CBS

QB Deshaun Watson vs. QB Lamar Jackson. Pretty good if you ask me.