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Random Ramsdom, 11/14: Paging the practice squad...

After several season of relatively good health, the LA Rams are now in the position of most NFL teams, hustling to put together a healthy roster that can win.

NFL: OCT 20 Rams at Falcons

Rams promote Brewer and Deayon from practice squad | Rams Wire

OL Chandler Brewer and CB Donte Deayon have been called up from the practice squad due to the rash of injuries that have hit the Rams, specifically to replace C Brian Allen and LB Bryce Hager.

Biggest injury questions going into week 11 | ESPN

The LA Rams will be without RT Rob Havenstein, as well as the other more serious departures — C Brian Allen’s season-ending injury and LB Bryce Hager going on the IR. This sounds like a rough upcoming game for Goff!

Once super, Rams sliding into uncertain future | Bleacher Report

Mike Freeman takes out the shovel and buries the Los Angeles Rams and you know what? Do it. The Rams need some fire underneath their britches so they can play with some passion and finish strong.

Why the Bears have a better chance at playoffs than the Rams |

There’s some optomism about QB Mitchell Trubisky finally putting things together after their win against the Detroit Lions, but I’m not buying it. This Week 11 SNF game is going to be something else, but I’m going to be shocked if it’s a touchdown explosion staring Trubisky.

Bears WR Allen Robinson eyes matchup with CB Jalen Ramsey | Chicago Sun-Times

At least the LA Rams have an elite cornerback that’s healthy and ready to roll. I feel like from here on out, this season is going to be about the Rams’ defense.

Film room: how Goff has become one of the worst play-action QBs | Rams Wire

Is it the offensive line, the lack of a steady run game, or just a massive regression by QB Jared Goff? Whatever the case, the play-action is no bueno these days for the Rams. Fix it!

Which NFL teams are attending Colin Kaepernick’s workout? | Washington Post

Head coach Sean McVay, not a man who looks for controversy, did not say if the Rams were going to send a representative to watch Kaepernick workout on Sunday. He did make it clear that the team is happy with both Goff and QB Blake Bortles.