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2019 NFL power rankings, Week 11: Los Angeles Rams plummet with loss out of bye

And away we go...

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Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald walks off the field at Heinz Field following the Rams’ 17-12 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10, Nov. 10, 2019.
Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald walks off the field at Heinz Field following the Rams’ 17-12 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10, Nov. 10, 2019.
Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

2019 NFL Power Rankings Summary - Week 11

Metric Ranking
Metric Ranking
Average ranking (# of rankings) 14.63 (8)
Average change from last week -3.75
Highest ranking (source) 11th (ESPN)
Lowest ranking (source) 16th (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) -1 (ESPN)
Biggest negative change (source) -7 (CBS Sports)

ESPN: 11th (10th)

Most important game left: Sunday vs. Bears

A season after a making a Super Bowl run, the Rams’ season hangs in the balance coming off a loss to the Steelers. The Rams still have a chance to make the playoffs, but it is shrinking at an alarming rate with a 5-4 record while being in a division that has been dominated by the 49ers. The Rams must find a way to regroup on offense and get past the Bears; otherwise, their season could be lost.

NFL: 13th (11th)

The Super Bowl hangover is real. The Rams were flummoxed by Bill Belichick on the first Sunday of February and haven’t been remotely the same on offense since. It was all laid bare on a late Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh, where the once-mighty Los Angeles attack managed just one field goal and 306 yards in a loss that further jeopardized the playoff hopes of the defending NFC champions. Jared Goff looked helpless trying to make plays in the face of an imposing Pittsburgh front seven, and the Rams’ running game remained painfully pedestrian. Todd Gurley was held under 100 yards for the seventh straight game, and when asked afterward why the former All-Pro didn’t see the ball in the fourth quarter, Sean McVay offered, “That was just kind of the rotation.” That was just kind of the rotation. Yep, things have changed a lot for the Rams, and not for the better.

CBS: 15th (8th)

So much for the idea that the offense found something before the bye. They were bad against the Steelers and now have a big hole to climb out of in the division.

Yahoo!: 15th (12th)

The Rams are in trouble. It’s not just that the math looks bad for L.A. in the playoff race. The Rams simply don’t look like a playoff team. Sean McVay is still a very good coach, but this has not been a good year for him.

Pro Football Talk: 15th (10th)

They’re stuck with Jared Goff.

USA Today: 16th (10th)

Defense accounted for nine of 12 points Sunday ... which pretty much explains why Sean McVay suffered first regular-season loss to AFC team.

SI’s MMQB: 16th (14th)

This team is in trouble. Jared Goff was bad (51.2 passer rating) and Sean McVay coached himself into a pretzel again by giving Todd Gurley, their best offensive weapon in the midst of his best game of the season, zero touches during the fourth quarter of a one-score game because of “rotations.” Two games out of the playoffs, L.A. has Baltimore, Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco left on the schedule.

The Athletic: 16th (12th)

The Rams’ offense appears irreparably broken. Literally broken, in the case of a banged-up offensive line, and figuratively broken with an MIA Todd Gurley, a struggling quarterback and a head coach who made the head-scratching decision to bring in Blake Bortles into a tight game. (Shockingly, that move failed.) While the Rams’ playoff hopes aren’t dead, after watching their ugly offense on Sunday afternoon and two electric NFC West defenses play on Monday night, it’s hard to see them getting back into the race.