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Random Ramsdom, 11/12: Rams running out of answers

After a dismal performance at Pittsburgh, the Los Angeles Rams attempt to put humpty dumpty back together again

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay appears to have lost his magic and his mind | The Big Lead

Not only was the gameplan troubling on Sunday, but Sean McVay’s explanations are perhaps even more baffling. One thing is for sure: when the Rams hired him, he didn’t have ‘tapdancing’ on his resume.

3 biggest concerns from 17-12 Week 10 loss to Pittsburgh Steelers | Ramblin’ Fan

Let’s see. The O-Line. The QB. And the head coach.

The NFL Hot Seat: Sean McVay ran out of magic, and Jared Goff isn’t helping | Yahoo!

Yet another article referring to McVay losing that lovin’ feeling. Is our Boy Wonder capable of adapting and in-game adjustments? Or is he a one-trick pony on his way to do the dog food factory?

Krykslants: Goff is off, and so are the Rams | The Province

Leave it to the Canadians to figure us out. Sorry, Sosa.

Rams’ offensive woes among six troubling trends taking hold |

Wait, there’s more? Once again, another sports writer points to Matt Patricia’s gameplan as the one that wrecked the Rams.

For Bears to beat Rams, Mack and the defense need to up their game | Chicago Sun Times

This is perhaps my favorite headline of the week so far. Did they just lift one from last season?

Mike Hilton plays hand in Steelers’ collective shutdown of Rams’ Cooper Kupp | Trib Live

Some insight into how the Steelers shut out Cooper Kupp with a slot God of their own.

Rams’ chances of third straight NFC West title disappearing | Forbes

Uh, yeah. You don’t have to subscribe to Forbes to figure that one out.

Gurley on not getting any carries in fourth quarter of Rams loss: ‘I’m used to it’ | CBS Sports

Gurley looked the best he has all season on Sunday. After a 4th quarter disappearing act, his attitude is troubling, if perhaps warranted.