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Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers: Week 10 Rams players to watch revisited

The crew could not get anything going against the Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh.

NFL: NOV 10 Rams at Steelers Photo by Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams dropped a winnable matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 17-12.

Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips’ side played exceptionally well. The offense. . . well that is a completely different story. QB Jared Goff was flustered by the Pittsburgh D thtroughout the entire game. Whichever direction he went, the Steelers seemingly new it. RB Todd Gurley had his best game in weeks, but his production was no where near enough.

So, it is back to the drawing board for Sean, Wade, and Co.

Before jumping back to take a look at the players, here is the initial Week 10 list.

RT Rob Havenstein

Boy, oh boy has this line got to shit. But I digress. Lets hit on Havenstein first.

Boy, oh boy has Big Rob’s play gone to shit. He gave up a huge sack early in the game. He then also injured his knee. Not a good day for the Wisconsin big.

The entire line as a whole did not bode well, though. So it ain’t like we are trying to go in on Rob.

CB Jalen Ramsey

Jalen kept JuJu Smith-Schuster quiet and was relatively active with three tackles. The defense also kept Mason Rudolph fairly quiet, despite not creating turnovers and allowing a pretty high completion percentage.

Jalen is playing the game’s entirety four weeks after joining the team.

S Taylor Rapp

Rookie Taylor Rapp was his usual self on Sunday — totaling nine total tackles. The U of W product was in on every snap on defense.

No qualms, no complaints about the DB. The defense did its job.

WR Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp is the Rams’ best player on offense at this time. The Steelers did a hell of a job keeping him quiet for the duration of Week 10’s matchup. He was targeted four times and he was blanketed for those four passes that went his way. Job well done, Pittsburgh.

Just the simple fact, however, that the Steelers were able to take away Goff’s most reliable target is amazing. it also displays how fucked the Rams’ offense truly is.

RB Darrell Henderson Jr.

The ground game is a work in progress — and it will continue to be as we move forward. This game marked Todd Gurley’s best game in weeks. His 73 yards were the most Gurley has gained since opening week. His six yards per clip average present his best yards per carry average since Week 8 when he posted a 4.4 ypc (he averaged 6.9 ypc in Week 1 as well). Then, we have rookie Darrell Henderson. He was able to rake up four yards on four carries — providing nothing extra to the run game.

It is a work in progress.