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Dear Kevin Demoff, free the throwbacks

Rams fans deserve the blue and yellow on Sunday against the Niners.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Draft Party Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Mr. Demoff and NFL Powers That Be,

We Los Angeles Rams fans understand that there are (seemingly arbitrary) rules regarding how often certain uniforms can be worn during a season. When the “uniform schedule” was released before the season, there were very few of us who thought that the 10/13 home game against the San Francisco 49ers would be of monumental import, but alas, here we are.

While the majority of our hotly contested divisional games have come against Seattle in recent years, there has only ever been one true rival of the Los Angeles Rams: the San Francisco 49ers. Yes, sadly, it appears the fancy lads in crimson and gold are back. In truth, defending the LA Coliseum against their wine and cheese tailgate is only slightly less important than tarnishing their perfect record, but, yeah. We want to crush them.

The significance of this game for Rams fans who stuck with the team throughout their St. Louis tenure cannot be explained in this letter. Far and away, this is the most important Rams divisional game since the NFC Championship 30 seasons ago. A no-call on Ronnie Lott and a phantom sack turned a tight game into a 30-3 blowout. What ensued was a four-year run of dysfunction and ineptitude that ultimately got our beloved Rams kicked out of town.

On Sunday, after 30 seasons, we finally have our first chance at meaningful retribution.

The presently scheduled white uniforms do not strike a chord with the fanbase in any way shape or form. We are wholly dispassionate about them. Their blandness knows no bounds. They are the White Claw of uniforms, a crass afterthought in the midst of a rushed relocation.

A game of this significance to a loyal fanbase deserves better. We’ll have the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Los Angeles Rams football against our rival on Sunday, but we won’t have the feel. (We will have 3 Jimmy G INTs, 4 Aaron Donald sacks, and a lake of salty tears to navigate as we leave the building, but....)

Three decades is a long time to wait. Rams Nation is begging you: please make an exception to your pre-existing rules and give us the feel of Los Angeles Rams football against our heated, hated, and now respected rivals. The vintage royal blue and yellow are the best uniforms in the league, when we’re allowed to wear them.

Please, good Sirs, free the throwbacks.


Every Fan of Los Angeles Rams Football