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Turf Show Radio, S11E17: Silver linings after Los Angeles Rams’ Week 5 loss to Seattle Seahawks

The Rams are 3-2. 3k and Joey don’t feel too bad about it, and neither should you.

1:30 - Which of the Los Angeles Rams are into Halloween? Well, besides LT Andrew Whitworth who definitely is.

3:25 -

4:15 - Who would play Rams HC Sean McVay in the Hallmark Christmas Movie, Fourth and Christmas?

5:00 - Three words max. How would you describe your reaction to the Rams’ Week 5 loss to the Seattle Seahawks?

Joey the Jerk: “Surprisingly encouraged.”

3k: “Uncomfortably comfortable.”

5:40 - Carcass on the Side of the Road, starring Paul Giamatti, is not a good Hallmark Christmas Movie.

8:00 - The perspective on the loss shifts almost entirely based on whether K Greg Zuerlein makes that kick.

8:50 - 3k makes the case that the game was really about the two drives at the end of each half and how QB Jared Goff got the Rams in position each time to succeed with a TD to WR Cooper Kupp in the 1st and the field goal attempt to win the game.

12:05 - TE Gerald Everett breakout game

18:10 - The 3-0 buffer to start the season was absolutely crucial now that the Rams have lost two straight.

19:20 - “I think Lock Angeles...has been picked.” - Joey

22:10 - Has Seahawks QB Russell Wilson been the best QB in the NFL in 2019?

25:00 - Don’t panic!

25:50 - Panic report:

27:30 - We’re 3-2, and that’s ok! (but 3-3 isn’t, so please win this weekend)

Easter egg - Joey has a very logical, very safe way to make boneless skinless chicken thighs that never fails. Except when it fails.