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Los Angeles Rams’ HC Sean McVay says he’ll talk to Jay Gruden about joining his staff “at some point.”

McVay says he and Gruden spoke on Monday morning. Could they be reuniting in Los Angeles?

Washington HC Jay Gruden and former OC Sean McVay Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Bright and early on Monday morning, not long after suffering their fifth consecutive loss to start the year, the Washington Redskins parted ways with head coach Jay Gruden. And being a longtime friend and appreciative pupil, Los Angeles HC Sean McVay reached out.

I exchanged some stuff with him this morning. It’s a tough situation. He (Jay Gruden) is a really close friend of mine, he has been – really, that family, but especially Jay – you talk about instrumental. A lot of the opportunities that I’ve been given in this league as a result of his belief, his willingness to kind of teach me. One of the things that I think is so special about him that I never realized and really, truly appreciated until I got into this role here was how much he really protected me. When I was a coordinator, in a lot of ways, he kind of groomed me and brought me along to where you kind of learn some of the things about how you’re setting up a gameplan, how you want to call a game. He protected me from a lot of the things that – I don’t know that a lot of people would do that. I think that’s a real demonstration on who he is as a man and I’m forever indebted to him. That organization was really good to me. It’s something that you just realize how tough this league is. I love Jay Gruden, love what he’s meant to my family and to me and I’m always in his corner.

Some pretty powerful words from McVay, who clearly respects Jay and the entire Gruden family for what they’ve done for him throughout his career.

So, it begs the question, does he intend to ask Gruden to move coast-to-coast to help him out in Los Angeles?

He’s going to have a lot of options. I think the first thing is anytime something like this occurs, you want to be able to say, ‘I’m just there for you’ and you love them and care about them no matter what as a friend. I think he’s in a great situation, where he’s got great family and he’ll have a lot of options. Those are things that I think we’ll sure discuss at some point, but right now, it’s more about just reaching out to a buddy and seeing how he’s doing.

Fair enough. McVay was doing what any good friend should do given the circumstances. But it does sound as though McVay has some interest in talking business with his former mentor, and potentially reuniting forces in LA.