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Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks: Week 5 rookie report grades LB Troy Reeder highly after first start

With Bryce Hager out with a shoulder injury, the Rams were forced to turn to their UDFA rookie in the middle.

Los Angeles Rams Troy Reeder on the sideline during a Week 3 game against the Cleveland Browns, Sep 22, 2019.
Los Angeles Rams Troy Reeder on the sideline during a Week 3 game against the Cleveland Browns, Sep 22, 2019.
Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Thursday Night Football was not kind to the Los Angeles Rams as they dropped the matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, 30-29. The team fell to 3-2, the second loss in consecutive weeks.

On the bright side, Jared Goff looked like a competent quarterback. He was able to string multiple drives together, and would have actually helped the team win, were it not for an unfortunate turnover in the game’s waning minutes.

But the wound still stings. A loss is a loss.

Fast forward all the formalities and let’s get straight into the rookie report.

(Author’s note: Let me preface this by stating this: Week 5’s grades are full of INC incompletes and N/A not applicable. Its only fair. Some of the rookies were inactive. Others, the sample size too small)

Rookie Report

S Taylor Rapp

Usually an extremely active member of the defense, Taylor ended up on the inactives list due to the ankle injury he sustained against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Grade: N/A

RB Darrell Henderson Jr.

The running game was made its presence known in this matchup. Todd Gurley punched the rock in twice — once from eight yards out, the second from a yard’s distance — and totaled 51 yards.

Rookie Darrell H. only logged a special teams snap, though. Not enough of a sample size to give a grade.

Grade: INC

CB David Long Jr.

The Pasadena native found himself again as a casualty of the numbers game. Expect the freshman corner to take a redshirt year, a la this year’s new offensive line starters joe Noteboom and Brian Allen.

Grade: N/A

OT Bobby Evans

Bobby’s situation is similar to David Long’s. The rook’ will most likely take this year as a learning one.

Grade: N/A

DT Greg Gaines

Double G suited up against the Seahawks, taking in 13 snaps on defense. He garnered two tackles in his first day actively on the job. He fits his role well; stuffs/disrupts the run. Good to see the big man in action.

Grade: C

OT David Edwards

David logged in his usual handful of special teams snaps (six).

Grade: C-

S Nick Scott

The rookie safety logged in 81-percent (25 total) of the snaps on Coach Bones’ unit. Kep up the good work, Nick. You are doing good!

Grade: C+

LB Natrez Patrick

Natrez played in 52-percent (16) ST snaps on Thursday night.

Grade: C

WR Nsimba Webster

Game day inactive for the young Nsimba.

Grade: N/A

LB Troy Reeder

Troy started his first career game in place of the injured ILB Bryce Hager. He took part in 73-percent of the defensive snaps and racked up a total of 13 tackles.

Active, yes, but also had his fair share of mishaps. Still, a good outing for Reeder’s first career start.

Grade: B-