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NFL to allow replay for roughing the passer after bad call at the end of Los Angeles Rams-Seattle Seahawks game (no they won’t)

Rams fans are livid and will not let this one go (yes they will)

A petty New Orleans Saints fan
A very petty and aggrieve Los Angeles Rams (New Orleans Saints) fan displays their frustration at the missed call at the end of the Rams’ (Saints’) loss tonight (months prior).
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With less than six minutes remaining in the Week 5 game between the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks, the referees incorrectly threw a flag on Rams LB Clay Matthews for roughing the passer.

It was clear that it was a bad call by referees as fans took to social media to excoriate the referees for the mistake.

What comes next is clear.

Rams fans will claim they would have won the game would the refs have gotten it right (no they won’t).

The NFL and referees will offer an apology for missing the call (no they won’t).

The league will quickly move to add roughing the passer as a call teams can replay (no they won’t).

That rule change will go smoothly just like the pass interference rule change implemented in 2019 for unknown reasons (no it won’t).

Rams fans will dress up like referees and bring yellow flags to games to show the disdain for officials (no they won’t).

And Rams fans won’t get over the no call any time soon (yes they will).

Because doing otherwise would be petty and ridiculous.

And I can’t imagine any fans of any NFL team doing any of that when there are plenty of alternatives.

Like accepting it. And moving on.

A New Orleans Saints fan in referee attire looks on during warms before the game against the Houston Texans, Sep. 9, 2019. Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images