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Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks second half live thread

Another close one at half, folks

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Maaaaan would it be nice to see the Los Angeles Rams head into halftime with a large lead like the dominant force they were for most of 2018. But that’s, once again, not the case this evening.

Still, they’re in it having scored a touchdown in the waning moments of the first half. And the good news is that they’ll get the ball again to start the second half. Here’s to getting some momentum going on offense.

Scoring recap:

Q1 - Greg Zuerlein 47-yard field goal is good; Rams, 3-0

Q1 - Greg Zuerlein 32-yard field goal is good; Rams, 6-0

Q1 - Russell Wilson pass short to Tyler Lockett, 13 yards for a touchdown; Seahawks, 7-6

Q2 - Russell Wilson pass deep to DK Metcalf, 40 yards for a touchdown; Seahawks, 14-6

Q2 - Jared Goff pass short to Cooper Kupp, 9 yards for a touchdown; Seahawks 14-13

The defense has played pretty well, at least to start the game. The offense continues to struggle on 3rd down (0-4), but were luckily bailed out for the late second quarter touchdown. Todd Gurley has shown a bit of burst.

Here’s to a strong showing from the Rams in the second half and a 4-1 record. Cheers!