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Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: Win/loss predictions for Week 5

Can the LA Rams bounce back from a disappointing loss on Sunday in a primetime matchup in Seattle?

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams (3-1) will look to bounce back from their first loss of the year in Week 5, heading north to take on division rival Seattle Seahawks (3-1) on Thursday Night Football at Century Link.

There are some early, and maybe unforeseen, implications for this game as a loss for the Rams moves them into third place in the division behind the Seahawks and currently undefeated San Francisco 49ers (3-0).

Winning on the road is never easy in the NFL, but the Rams have fared well in road contests in recent years. Do they have what it takes to quickly put Sunday’s loss behind them and right the ship? The Turf Show Times’ staff make their predictions...

gorams (@AndrewKulick)

He said he doesn’t have a prediction because he’s too afraid to watch. I asked him twice, so I don’t know what to tell you.

Prediction: N/A

Eddie Perez (@iAmEddieP_)

Sunday’s L against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was not a sight for sore eyes. It was hideous, to be honest. Seattle has a much more clinical QB who can make the Rams pay for committing mistakes like those.Unfortunately, I don’t see the Rams fixin’ their leaks, especially on short rest.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 27-16

Skye Sverdlin (@skyeattolah)

Think I had this game pegged as one of the Rams three losses this year, so I guess I’ll stick with it, given the way the Rams couldn’t block, cover, or do any of that fun stuff on Sunday at home. Don’t get me wrong, they may revel in redemption, execute and run right over Seattle. But it’s hard to be sure about such a scenario. Hope I’m wrong but..

Prediction: Seahawks win, 23-17

Kristian Ramirez (@KristianRamirez)

This is their chance to show that they can fix things and get in into Super Bowl shape again. If they lose this game, I’m going into full panic mode next week.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-19

Hotdaddywags (@Hotdaddywags)

Gut check time for your Los Angeles Rams, ladies and gentlemen. Was Sunday’s 15-point home loss to Tampa Bay an aberration, or a sign of things to come? Will Sean McVay establish a balanced attack bent on keeping defenders off of Jared Goff, or will Mini Martz chuck it up another 68 times, haters be damned? Wouldn’t it be nice to see Goff have a strong day with NO TURNOVERS, 100 yards from Gurley, and a solid showing from the defense? I’ll buy that the Rams got off script Sunday due to early turnovers, but it really doesn’t excuse the defense. Look for Wade to tighten things up with more press coverage and a few more blitzes on Thursday. I’d also expect McVay to run the ball and try to re-establish the Rams play-action attack. He sort of has to, doesn’t he? Seattle will be waiting for it, so it’s really going to come down to the trenches and the turnover battle in this one. Chris Carson is a beast (when he hangs onto the rock), and Russell Wilson is of course as dangerous as they come. It’ll be a true test of wills at the Clink, but I think the Rams just have more overall talent than Seattle and will grind out the W on a late GZ FG.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-24

Elijah Kim (@Big_EZK)

The Rams will have to regroup after a weird but painful loss to Tampa Bay. However, a trip to perhaps their biggest division contender on a short week doesn’t bode well for the Rams. Considering the early defensive success the Buccaneers had with their personnel and now imagine the Seahawks defense led by Bobby Wagner and Co. coming out with a plan that has so far stymied LA. Ultimately, home field matters for Seattle and the 12th man. That advantage gives Russell Wilson and the Seahawks a slim victory over the Rams.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 27-24

Brennan Smith (@BrennanJSmith)

This Rams team currently doesn’t inspire confidence in critical areas like pass protection, run production and pass rushing and the Tampa Bay loss pulled the curtain back on major issues that Los Angeles must address. Making the changes on a short week at Seattle of all places doesn’t seem feasible. Sean McVay and Aaron Donald usually have an answer to Russell Wilson, but this game feels different. The Seahawks have a downhill, physical runner in Chris Carson and have enough pieces like Jadeveon Clowney to pressure Jared Goff. It’ll be close, but Seattle takes this one.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 24-20

Joey Aucoin (@LARamsRamsRams)

Rams will obviously rely on Todd Gurley, as he serves up 175 yards rushing and another 100 yards in the passing game.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-3

Sosa Kremenjas (@QBsMVP)

Traveling for a TNF game is never easy, especially when you have to do it after a loss. The Seahawks are an extremely physical team that probably see’s blood in the water, giving them an upper hand as they’ll play at home. The Rams’ offensive line - and defense - need to regroup quickly, as the Seahawks are strong at both the quarterback and defensive line spots. The Rams should look to run the ball more in this contest, giving the defense more rest and allowing Jared Goff to work under center and out of play action more often.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 30-27

seattlerams (@seattlerams_nfl)

If the Rams don’t address their woeful OL play, they are going to struggle weekly. In Seattle on national television, the Rams are going to face a fired up team in front of a hostile crowd. I’m just not sure how they overcome that.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 31-17

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

The Rams just got embarrassed and will be ready to show it was a fluke playing on the road against a division rival.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-23

3k (@3k_)

Prediction: Seahawks win, 28-27

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Though still very early in the season, this is easily the most difficult game of the Rams’ early slate to predict. I had the Rams entering this week a 3-1 team, but having suffered their lone loss at the hands of the New Orleans Saints...not what I’d consider to be a far inferior opponent in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Sunday’s loss was ugly. The Bucs were behind the wheel the entire game, and the Rams had very little in the form of an answer.

That said, and I’m going against my gut here, but I don’t necessarily think it’s time to hit the panic button. The Rams will have to have cleaned up a lot of things in a very short amount of time, but I have to trust they’ll be prepared.

If they are, I think they win this in a close one. But if they didn’t, there’s definitely cause for concern not only for tonight’s game but for the weeks to come.

Prediction: Rams win, 26-24