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Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Scouting report shows it’s worth it to keep it simple...

The Bengals season has been a disaster, but could they sneak up on the Rams?

Cleveland Gary
Cleveland Gary gets busy against the Cincinnati Bengals when the teams met in Anaheim Stadium back in 1990.

The Cincinnati Bengals are 32nd in rushing yards.

The Cincinnati Bengals are 32nd in rushing yards allowed.

That is all you need to know and thank you for reading our Bengals report.

Just kidding, there are plenty of other things to tell you about this team, especially now that I have finally remembered how to spell Cincinnati n, two n’s, one t, got it!

When a good team meets the injury bug they are often rendered mediocre. When a bad team takes roster hits, they become the 0-7 Bengals. Due to an ankle injury, the Bengals haven’t had receiver AJ Green yet this season, but provided he isn’t traded he may return following the Bengals post-London bye week. This week the Bengals will also be missing starting left tackle Cordy Glenn, cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, and John Ross who is on the IR.

The Bengals actually have exhibited heart, losing some close road games against good teams like the Seattle Seahawks, the Buffalo Bills, and Baltimore Ravens, so kudos to head coach Zac Taylor for making sure his team competes despite being in a hole. That being said they continue to run 11 personnel without three good receivers suited, and have had an ineffective running game spearheaded by Joe Mixon (3.0 ypc) and Giovani Bernard (1.8 ypc). T’was Mixon who once stated, “You see the Rams running wild all day. We’ve got that same offense. I would think we have better players than them with these offensive weapons. I would think we can do the same stuff, if not more, than they can.”

Welp. Injuries?

Anyway, there’s not too much analysis needed for this one. If the Rams can drink their tea, and shake the London fog, they should win this one. That would actually be better for the Bengals who will probably be picking a new quarterback come draft time, to start their actual rebuild. Who knows, maybe they’ll land an extra pick for AJ Green to help them with what likely needs to be a tear down. Good luck to Zac Taylor, who will look to ride out a storm that may last for at least a couple seasons.