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Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta Falcons: Rams to watch revisited

Lurch pointed out Rams of interest against the Falcons. Let’s see how they performed.

Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Mondays feel so much better after the Los Angeles Rams win. The Rams snapped their first three game losing under Sean McVay in week 7, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Let’s take a look at the Rams to watch that I ID’d late last week and see how they performed.

Jared Goff

Goff wasn’t asked to carry the offense, nor did he have to. He was off target on a couple of early passes and his stat line won’t blow you away.... but he got the job done.

He dropped a dime to Todd Gurley for an early touchdown and never looked back. He completed passes to EIGHT different receivers and looked to have settled in - even behind a still somewhat suspect offensive line.

Bottom line, he led the offense to 30 points - and that’s what the Rams are paying him to do. To Lead.

David Edwards

Edwards may not have gotten pancakes like Rob Havenstein or Robert Woods (or Cory Littleton for that matter), but he wasn’t Jamil Demby or Austin Blythe either.

Edwards was solid and reliable for most of the game and has likely locked down a starting spot for the short term, possibly the long term too if he can continue performing like he did on Sunday.

David Long / Troy Hill

I don’t recall Long or Hill’s name being called much, and that’s a good thing for a defensive back. They performed admirably in increased roles and the pass rush certainly helped them out.

With Falcons QB Matt Ryan constantly under pressure and relying almost solely on WR Julio Jones, Long and Hill weren’t tested. I’d continue keeping an eye on them as Jalen Ramsey continues to get spun up into Wade Phillips’ defensive scheme.

Jalen Ramsey

He didn’t start or play a TON of snaps, but Ramsey paid immediate dividends. I’m taking the concessions he gave Julio Jones with a grain of salt. Ramsey was rusty and Jones is one of the best WRs in the NFL.

He will only continue to get better as he gets comfortable with the defenders around him.