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Three reasons why Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay needs to heavily feature Todd Gurley on Thursday Night Football

Sean McVay has made it clear that he’s not preserving LA Rams’ RB Todd Gurley. Joey goes into why Thursday Night Football is the perfect place to change the narrative.

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

As Los Angeles Rams fans are well-aware of, RB Todd Gurley is fed up with the current state of the running game. And It’s been made abundantly clear that the company line for the LA Rams is that Gurley is not being preserved by Coach McVay. Cool story bro.

Things have reached a boiling point and the kettle is whistling just in time for a prime-time matchup with the Rams’ hated rivals, the Seattle Seahawks.

Are eyes will be on the offense who, despite scoring 40 points last Sunday, are desperate to prove that they aren’t broken beyond repair.

I could see McVay coming to the realization that his secret plan of “preserving & denying” has come to an end and now he needs to trot out his bell-cow for a big prime-time matchup. I will be shocked if McVay doesn’t call several run plays in the first two series in week 4 against Seattle.

And here are three reasons why:

Gurley’s surly attitude is become a major narrative for the team

It’s that simple — give Gurley the rock. Even if the results aren’t positive or even encouraging about the effectiveness of Gurley in the current offense, fans just need to see that they aren’t scared to use him. This has become a major locker room distraction.

McVay’s credibility and reputation need this as a PR move

Coaches are pretty prideful people. I know McVay is all “We Not Me,” but I can’t see him digging his heels in the ground with this “all pass, all the time” approach. He needs to prove that he can make this offense work with a solid run game. Good coaches adjust and McVay is a great coach.

Sunday’s game proved QB Jared Goff can’t thrive without the play-action

McVay has pushed Goff into a style of play that’s not his strong suit and that result has also become a big narrative this week. I believe that giving Gurley at least 15 touches will bring Goff back to Earth.

Am I entirely confident that this will happen? Well, Gurley was used in Carolina in week 1, so it’s not unprecedented — but this season with the Rams has been anything but predictable.