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VIDEO: “Todd Gurley is mad.”

Former NFL cornerback DeAngelo Hall spoke of the Los Angeles Rams running back on NFL Network last night in no uncertain terms.

[Los Angeles Rams Head Coach] Sean [McVay] has to protect Jared Goff. And by protecting Jared Goff, you can’t let him sit there and drop back 68 times in a football game. That’s A LOT.

And so you have to run the football especially when you have a dynamic runner like Todd Gurley. For him to only run the ball five times is an insult. And I know, I’ve talked to people who talk directly to him, and he’s a little mad. He wants the football. Todd Gurley is mad. He feels he’s healthy. He feels he’s ready to go, and he’s not getting the opportunity to run the football.

So much of what the Rams do downfield is off the run game, is off the playaction. So, you have to establish the run game. Even if you’re down sometimes, you still have to run that football just so that defense has a threat of run and those D-lineman aren’t just teeing off on the offensive linemen.