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Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks: The Professor’s preview

I can’t watch this.

Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

After suffering a humiliating and demoralizing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 4, the Los Angeles Rams head up north to the state of Washington to face off against a NFC Western Division rival with the same 3-1 record: the Seattle Seahawks.

To be honest, I can’t watch this game.

Nothing about the Rams’ offense makes sense. There are as many questions as there are answers.

Is it the offensive line playing poorly? That’s part of it ranking dead last in Pro Football Focus for offensive line play.

Is it QB Jared Goff? That’s part of it ranking 26th in QBR.

Is it the lack of a run game? That’s part of it statistically since the Rams rank 22nd in the league in rushing yards per game.

Is it Head Coach Sean McVay’s play calling? That’s part of it calling for 68 pass plays in the game against the Bucs. This is way too many even if your down 21-0 in the 2nd quarter.

There is virtually no part of the Rams’ offense that is above criticism right now. Instead of getting better after the first three games of the season, they’re getting worse not living up to any expectations of a McVay-coached team or the defending NFC Champion.

How do the Rams fix it?

When everything seems tilted downwards, the best solution is to go back to fundamental football. Forget all the motion and fancy plays. That of course means running the football. It may not be pretty, but its a good start to see just how tough your team is. Run the ball on first down, second down and maybe even third down. Figure out who among the eleven players on offense isn’t doing their job.

If things start picking up, the Rams can then go to the playaction plays, motion and fancy plays.

Was the Bucs game just a wake-up call for the Rams?

Yes, it was. It was a wake-up call that the offense stinks!

The Rams can’t turn the ball over four times and expect to win against any team in the NFL. The defense can’t give up 55 points regardless of how bad the Rams offense is playing. They need to help the offense out by making a stop occasionally even on a short field.

How do the Rams beat Seattle?

If they play like they have through four games or have a repeat performance like last Sunday, this game is over at kickoff.

You’ll know right away how things are going to turn out if K Greg Zuerlein shanks what will be his third out-of-bounds kick this season giving the Seahawks the ball on the 40-yard line and a short field to score.

The Rams are a team designed to score first and force their opponent to match them drive for drive. They have comeback from deficits before, but not when down 21-0 in the second quarter.

The Rams need to go out and just play solid fundamental football on both sides of the ball. It may not be pretty, but it is effective. Given the talent level of the Seahawks as opposed to the Rams, I’ll take the Rams over Seattle any day.

But with that said, Sean McVay is the head coach. It’s his game plan and his decisions which will ultimately decide this game.

I’m scared to death about this game cause from what I’ve seen thus far in the season, the Rams are going to come out throwing the ball, again and again doing the same thing after four games expecting different results, which is the definition of insanity.

I’m a loyal diehard Rams fans. I love my team no matter what, but this game is one where I’m afraid to watch.

It must be Halloween month.

If they play like the monsters I’m used to, the Rams will win.