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Random Ramsdom 10/18: The Jalen Ramsey Show

The Jalen RAMSey edition of the Random Ramsdom

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Goff brushes off Jalen Ramsey’s criticism from 2018: ‘It was quite funny’ | Rams Wire

All Jalen Ramsey said was what I’ve been saying all along…Jared Goff, he’s fine.

Revamped Rams, reeling Falcons looking to stop losing skids | Fox Sports

Either the Rams will come out of this game winners or the Falcons will come out of this game slightly less losers.

What to expect from Austin Corbett and Kenny Young in L.A. | Rams Wire

In the Jalen Ramsey mania that has swept the nation, you may have missed the other two moves the rams have made this week (on the same day actually). And, they may be just as successful as Ramsey. Maybe.

Rams’ Sean McVay on Jalen Ramsey playing after trade: ‘That’s the goal’ | Bleacher Report

He was a full participant at practice today, so neither party is wasting any time to try and get Ramsey on that field this weekend.

‘Won’t be a blowout’ but Rams will take win Sunday over Falcons | CBS Los Angeles

We need a win homies. And the Falcons itching to give it to us. If we can’t keep that losing team losing, then we aren’t a good team this season. Period.

For Rams’ offensive line, changes keep coming in a rush | OC Register

The O-Line has been abysmal, no question. Hopefully this weeks move to add Austin Corbett will shake things up enough to get the o-line into gear.

The Jalen Ramsey trade gives players even more power | Pro Football Talk

Antonio Brown gave the Raiders hell until the let him go. Jalen Ramsey had a back injury until the Jaguars let him go. Players are starting to see how they can apply pressure to their franchises to get the outcome they want: a trade.