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Random Ramsdom 10/17: Everybody hurts

Another valuable player for the LA Rams has been tossed into the IR and will miss extended time. And more coverage on the blockbuster trade for CB Jalen Ramsey.

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

John Johnson III is the latest starter to reach the IR | OC Register

First it was CB Aqib Talib and now it’s S John Johnson III. This week has not been kind to the secondary for the LA Rams.

Rams made a risky bet trading for Jalen Ramsey | The Ringer

Kevin Clark takes a deep dive in the consequences of this massive trade. Did we just witness the biggest risk for an NFL team in a decade? Check this story out, it’s a good one.

Jalen Ramsey trade grades | CBS Sports

More thoughts on the blockbuster trade that completely overhauls the Los Angeles Rams’ defense and helps the Jacksonville Jaguars move on from a player they were unlikely of being able to pay once his rookie deal expires. They believe that the Jags got the better out of this trade before any football is played.

Les Snead is not going to be scared to be aggressive | Yahoo Sports

Did the Rams give up too much for CB Jalen Ramsey? Well, Les Snead isn’t hearing it, that’s for sure. Man, the stones on this guy, for better or worse. He also said he’s not going to be reckless, which is debatable.

Jared Goff getting too much blame |

This is the content I crave. I can’t get enough Goff defense pieces. They make me strong and help me make it through the day. I’m serious. The point of the piece is that Goff and QB Dak Prescott are victims of an offensive line slump.

Jalen Ramsey expresses desire to stay with Rams for years and years | PFT NBC Sports

Well, someone has to give Ramsey a huge contract for the best cornerback in the NFL. Why not the Rams? Mike Florio goes into the future of Ramsey and the Rams. The big takeaway is that this guy seems pumped about getting traded.

How the Chargers forced the Rams to trade for Jalen Ramsey | Bolts from the Blue

This is a wild one from our brother site, the Chargers site for SB Nation. It gets into the nitty gritty of PSLs and how the Rams need to have a swagger going into next season. Follow the money!