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Turf Show Radio, S11E18: Loss to San Francisco 49ers brings Los Angeles Rams to .500

3k and Rob-o recap the big loss to the Niners and gauge what lies ahead.

2:55 - Box score sifting

6:15 - “Should we be in full-blown panic mode?”

7:40 - “They whooped our ass. It is what it is. They whooped us up front.”

10:15 - #10inches

11:25 - “They kept us off the field with this really slow, annoying, churning offense, and it worked.”

12:55 - Two horrible games from the O-line: 0-2. Four adequate game from them: 3-1 and the only loss was the Seattle Seahawks game lost by a few inches from a K Greg Zuerlein kick.

15:50 - “Things are all over the place that I think we’re struggling to set up what the identity of this team is.”

22:10 - The volatility of this team is getting more volatile.

23:45 - Defensive MVP in Week 6? Rob-o takes ILB Troy Reeder or CB Troy Hill. 3k goes with DT Sebastian Joseph-Day.

27:35 - Injuries!

33:13 - We thought Week 6 vs. the San Francisco 49ers was must win? Yeah, now look at Week 7 against a 1-win Atlanta Falcons.

34:03 - Two groups of five.

Easter egg -