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ESPN radio suggests it may be time for the Los Angeles Rams to try QB Blake Bortles

LZ Granderson lit up a hot take on ESPN Los Angeles. Here is why it’s very bad.

Los Angeles Rams v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

If you watch “The Good Place” on NBC, you’re well-aware that there’s a long-running joke about QB Blake Bortles. One of the characters is an deceased idiot from Jacksonville, Florida, living in the afterlife and he always talks about his beloved Jaguars and his favorite QB, Mr. Bortles. The joke is: Blake Bortles is a silly sounding name and he sucks.

It’s very funny and the show has gotten dozens of great comedic moments over multiple seasons with this runner. I’m a big fan.

Here’s a joke that’s NOT funny: the Los Angeles Rams benching QB Jared Goff for Bortles.

On ESPN LA’s Morning Show with Keyshawn Johnson, Travis Rodgers, and LZ Granderson, there was obviously a discussion regarding the flailing Rams. Granderson brought up the idea that since the team was struggling so much on 3rd down, they should try something new and maybe drastic. Here’s the clip:

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting the same result, so I get that trotting Goff out onto the field with terrible results does seem maddening on the surface. However, every facet of the offense has been struggling, not just Goff.

Throwing Bortles behind the current Rams’ offensive line, that just lost OL Joseph Noteboom for the season, seems like a huge step backwards.

Bortles is a backup for a reason and that reason is injury related. Goff is healthy (which is nice because almost everyone else isn’t), so let’s stick to the plan.

I think LZ Granderson is a smart dude and I get his point, but I’m also a Goff stan and can’t take the idea of switching him out for Bortles because Goff got rolled by the San Francisco 49ers in week 6.

Goff didn’t throw an interception. He also didn’t complete a 3rd down conversion. But if we’re trying different things, let’s adjust our identity. Let’s use RB Darrell Henderson more and get him comfortable in the offense.

Unless Goff is on crutches or is sipping juice through a cast because he’s in traction, Bortles is not an option.