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Los Angeles Rams Week 4 rookie report subs out S Taylor Rapp for LB Troy Reeder

Rapp’s injury basically sums up the Rams’ performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Whew, that was an ugly game.

55 points given up by the Los Angeles Rams to the Jameis Winston-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers is never good. Four turnovers is even worse.

Lets step over the pleasantries and get straight into the rookie report.

(Author’s note: Let me preface this by stating this: Week 4’s grades are full of INC incompletes and N/A not applicable. Its only fair. Some of the rookies were inactive. Others, the sample size too small)

Rookie Report

S Taylor Rapp

It was an overall poor showing for the defense. Rookie sensation Rapp was not exempted from the disaster. Statistically, Rapp racked up three tackles. He gave up a few receptions in pass coverage. And then subsequently went out with an ankle injury.

Grade: C-

RB Darrell Henderson Jr.

The ground game was absolute trash this week. Both Todd Gurley and Malcolm Brown struggled to get anything going. Ditto for Hendo. He did make nine appearances on Special Teams.

Grade: C

CB David Long Jr.

Long was another gameday inactive. CB Marcus Peters did leave late in the game with a possible concussion. This may be an opening for David.

Grade: N/A

OT Bobby Evans

Four weeks down, four games inactive.

Grade: N/A

DT Greg Gaines

Another week in street clothes for Big Greg.

Grade: N/A

OT David Edwards

David logged in his usual handful of special teams snaps (seven).

Grade: C

S Nick Scott

Nick Scott continues his ST dominance. He handled 79-percent (30 total) of the snaps on Coach Bones’ unit.

Grade: C+

LB Natrez Patrick

Patrick is on of the rookies making their majority of money on special teams. He took part in 53-percent (20) ST snaps.

Grade: C

WR Nsimba Webster

Webster was a loss to the numbers game. Game day inactive.

Grade: N/A

LB Troy Reeder

Troy stepped up in place of ILB Bryce Hager who went out with a stinger. On 18 defensive snaps, Reeder tallied three tackles. Add on 28 ST snaps. Troy, ya doing good!

Grade: C+