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Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys divisional playoff preview: Comparing the receivers

Can Amari Cooper tip the scales? Or is the Rams depth enough to give them the edge?

Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Yesterday, I touched on the similarities between Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff and Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. Throughout the rest of the week I’ll continue looking at position groups to see where either team can build an advantage.

Today, I’ll be looking at wide receivers and tight ends. (Spoiler alert - it’s not close)


This really boils down to Amari Cooper and everyone else. Cooper nearly doubled #2 WR Cole Beasley’s production in 7 less games, and next on the list is RB Ezekiel Elliott who I won’t be factoring in as the RBs will get their own feature on Thursday.

Oh, and for those curious.... former Ram Tavon Austin had less than 200 yards from scrimmage on the year.


In addition to watching Brandin Cooks thrive in the role Sammy Watkins floundered in during the 2017 campaign, we’ve had the pleasure of watching Robert Woods develop into a legitimate #1 WR as well. Woods ended up outperforming Cooks in all major categories and has proven to be a rare free agency bargain.

Behind them is Josh Reynolds, who is filling in while Cooper Kupp recovers from an ACL tear. While J-Rey has had his moments where he’s frustrated fans, he has been a solid #3 for the Rams.

Statistically, the Rams TEs leave a lot to be desired, but from a pure talent and athleticism standpoint you’d be hard pressed to find a talent evaluator that would trade the Rams TEs for the Cowboys.


Even without my bias towards the Rams, it’s not hard to see that a pair of 1,200 yard receivers who have solid chemistry with their QB outweigh a mid-season acquisition.

The Rams clearly come out on top.