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Los Angeles Rams versus Dallas Cowboys divisional playoff preview: Whose house? Rams’ house?

The Rams have an evolving home field “advantage” that will only get better as they establish a winning tradition under Sean McVay, but it’s going to be tested severely against the Dallas Cowboys’ fan base this weekend.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Before any discussion about the home attendance issues of the Los Angeles Rams begins, let’s remember that this is the third season after the relocation from St. Louis. So even when the Rams move into their amazing stadium in 2020 and many years after that — even if they’ve won several Super Bowls — there will still be thousands of Dallas Cowboys fans living in Los Angeles. And along with that, there are thousands of Eagles, Packers, Bears, Patriots, Raiders, Giants, Redskins fans too. And you’re gonna laugh, but I’ve even met an Arizona Cardinals fan once.

Think of it this way: when a player is drafted by, say the Green Bay Packers or the Buffalo Bills, they have an expectation that their home games will be mostly played in cold weather conditions. It’s part of the DNA of the team.

And because of the decades where LA didn’t have an NFL team, the Rams sometimes play home games with more than half of the fans cheering for the other team. It’s part of the DNA of our team.

This situation is evolving as the fanbase of the LA Rams grows. And because of the move, there are thousands of Rams fans who don’t live in Southern California. So, when they’re playing a big game, those fans will travel (except for @seattlerams_nfl because he somehow has a curse inflicted on him regarding home games).

Last year’s playoff loss to the Atlanta Falcons was obviously disappointing, but the crowd was rocking for the Rams. There was no doubt that it was the Rams’ house. But the Atlanta Falcons faithful, while they do travel, are in a different level compared to the Cowboys fans.

And this isn’t about the Dallas fans that will be in full force this weekend — they’re a national brand that travels everywhere and they have strong roots to Southern California given their years in Oxnard, California for training camp. This is about the Rams fans that have shown this year that when the game is big, they will support their team.

Take the Thursday Night Football game against the Minnesota Vikings game — probably the most impressive home crowd I’ve seen for the Rams since they’ve returned to L.A.

The tradition of winning under Sean McVay is still getting noticed by LA fans and it’s only going to get more impressive.

So, will the Rams fans outnumber the Dallas fans? Maybe, maybe not. But the Rams fans will be heard and the Rams players have made peace with this — with the great weather, amazing restaurants and bar scene, the home games will feature many other jerseys from other NFL teams.

It’s part of the Rams’ DNA.

For now.