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REPORT: Green Bay Packers to hire Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur as Head Coach

The former Rams OC has landed his first head coaching gig.

Houston Texans 2008 Headshots Photo by Getty Images

It’s all-but official, the Sean McVay coaching tree is about to sprout it’s first branch. Per Adam Schefter, the Green Bay Packers are “zeroing in” on hiring Tennessee Titans and former Los Angeles Rams Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur as their head coach:

LaFleur left the Rams after the 2017 season after receiving a promotion with the Titans. Although LaFleur had the same title of offensive coordinator in LA, he didn’t call plays or have the traditional responsibilities of an OC. With the promotion to the Titans, LaFleur was handed a traditional OC job leading the Titans’ offense to 19.4 points-per-game (27th in the league).

LaFleur is a risky hire for the Packers as he’s a young (39-years old) coach who has no head coaching experience, though the league seems to be trending in the direction of the younger and more innovative offensive-minded coaches. And for a Packers team who has a Hall of Fame-level quarterback in Aaron Rodgers and an offense that lacked creativity in the past, LaFleur could prove to be a worthy gamble.

UPDATE: It sounds as if LaFleur has officially been hired: